An innovative video format with maximum branding impact

plista’s In-Article Video helps you place videos right within users’ natural flow of reading for maximum attention. As a user-initiated format, videos expand between the paragraphs of an article only when users scroll down. Playing begins when the video is 100% visible, and pauses when visibility is less than 50%. Sound is played only by click on the mute/unmute button.


on a CPV or CPE Basis, more pricing options available upon request

Audience Targeting

based on over 40 algorithms (behavioral, semantic and geo-targeting, etc.)

Precise tracking

conversion pixel, hash identifier or external monitoring tools

All-inclusive service

e.g. ad optimization, campaign management, reports, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

Maximum attention

High visibility rates, thanks to placement within users’ natural flow of reading

Great user engagement

Users want to hear your message – playback only starts upon user initiation

Positive brand perception

A user-friendly format that does not disturb readers

High user relevance

Precise, user-centric delivery, thanks to plista’s proprietary Recommendation Technology

Premium reach

plista’s recommendation platform comprises thousands of premium publishers and their audiences

Technical Specification

Find latest TechSpecs sheets at Download Center