Leverage the full potential of mobile advertising

Mobile Smart Media Ads are the intelligent alternative to conventional mobile ads. This attention-grabbing format is split into two phases: first a creative initial banner sparks the user’s interest, without seeming intrusive, and only when the user actually interacts with the ad does it expand fully, offering a variety of interactive features combined with individual design. MSMAs thereby generate a high level of user engagement and sustainable advertising contact with your advertising message. This allows us to fully leverage the functions of mobile devices and create a unique brand experience perfectly tailored to your campaign goals.


of served impressions

Accurate targeting of your audience

based on over 40 algorithms (behavioral, semantic and geo-targeting, etc.)

All-inclusive service

e.g. ad optimization, campaign management, reports, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

High user engagement

Thanks to the interactive component, users engage more intensively with your message

Maximum information density

The combination of an interactive banner and video makes your ads particularly effective

Premium reach

plista’s recommendation platform comprises thousands of premium publishers and their audiences

Perfect visibility on mobile devices

Looks great even on small screens

Technical Specification

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