Your ad at the right time in the right place

Create high-reach campaigns with great performance by placing your text-image ads in an appropriate editorial environment with plista’s Native Recommendation Ads. Based on users’ reading and clicking behavior, these ads appear in conjunction with editorial article recommendations and do not disturb the natural flow of reading.

  • Success-based pricing

    on a CPC basis

  • Audience targeting

    based on over 40 algorithms(behavorial, semantic and geo-targeting)

  • Precise tracking

    e.g. conversion tracking, view tracking

  • All-inclusicve service

    e.g. ad optimization, campaign management, reports, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

  • High user acceptance

    Placement between article recommendations means: no more banner blindness and more visibility

  • Positive brand perception

    Users voluntarily consume your ads thanks to seamless integration into the natural flow of reading

  • Measurable target achievement

    Reduced scatter loss and higher conversion rate thanks to goal-optimized targeting and tracking solutions

  • Premium reach

    plista’s recommendation platform comprises thousands of premium publishers and their audiences

Use it…

  • … to generate leads and high-quality traffic

    … to boost sales and increase brand awareness

    … to supplement your TV and print campaigns

    … to distribute customer reviews and product ratings

    … to increase app downloads and ensure sustainable app use

Direct Booking Tool – Effective advertising made easy

Whether it be performance, content or brand marketing – with plista Direct Booking you can create your own advertising campaign in just a few easy steps.

Create your Native Recommendation Ad Campaign

Technical Specification

In order for your campaign to generate maximum reach, you should therefore provide us with the complete set of advertising material. The set contains three headlines, one teaser and three different image formats. The submitted materials are used to automatically create publisher-specific ads (text/image combinations).



Title only


Headline (characters)

41-50 10-25 26-40

Teaser (characters)

70 (guaranteed) – 100 70 (guaranteed) – 100 no teaser

Best Practice

Don’t write headlines in capital letters only.


File Format


File Size (optimum)

100 kB 100 kB 100 kB


1:1; 4:3; 16:9 1:1; 4:3; 16:9 1:1; 4:3; 16:9

Minimum Size (px)


500×500 500×500 500×500


640×480 640×480 640×480


640×360 640×360 640×360


Target URLs per adset

1 1 1

View pixel (https img-pixels)

3 3 3