Maximum engagement with your brand message

Put your ad in the spotlight with plista’s High Impact Ads. Their unconventional design immediately invites attention – without disturbing the natural flow of reading. The animated graphics appear from bottom to top (RiseAds) or extend from right to left at the bottom of the screen (FlyAds). If you like, you can also feature a video to be activated on mouseover (Video FlyAd, Video RiseAd).


on a CPM Basis

Audience Targeting

based on over 40 algorithms (behavioral, semantic and geo-targeting, etc.)

Precise tracking

conversion pixel, hash identifier or external monitoring tools

All-inclusive service

e.g. ad optimization, campaign management, reports, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

High user engagement

Thanks to the interactive component, users engage more intensively with your message

Maximum information density

The combination of an interactive banner and video makes your ads particularly effective

Premium reach

plista’s recommendation platform comprises thousands of premium publishers and their audiences

Perfect visibility on mobile devices

Looks great even on small screens

Ad creation at plista

Interaction Design
Best Practice
Quality Assurance
  • Engaging users in interaction is essential to transporting advertising messages.

    We develop interactive creatives with UI techniques ranging from mouseover effects to swipe gestures or even forms.
    What is your announcement?

  • For an optimal user experience ad development today needs best practice in all fields.

    Ad implementation at plista is always up-to-date with the latest standards and paradigms in modern web development.
    Advertise good, better or best?

  • Years of professional ad development taught us how to maintain quality across all platforms.

    As a supplier of high-class advertisement we make sure to watch carefully over every step of the production chain.
    Prepared for quality?

Technical Specification

Find latest TechSpecs sheets at Download Center